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  • Because it's not ordinary: coffee is an ordinary food for many people, but an excellent coffee extraction tool will bring you an extraordinary coffee taste. High density extraction, each drop is the essence. Experience the fun of extracting and brewing coffee!

  • Simple, Fast, Convenient:Excellent Pour over coffee maker for morning or afternoon coffee with little fuss compared with drip pots or French Press etc, perfect for the beginning home brewer and all coffee connoisseur or lovers.

  • Optimum temperature: The filter paper and the glass wall ensure that the temperature of the coffee in the container is stable and the heat is not easily lost in the almost sealed state, ensuring the richness and mellowness of the coffee.

  • Multi-function sharing pot: Extracting coffee is my biggest feature. Besides coffee, I can also make iced coffee, brewing tea, etc.

  • Heat-resistant glass material: The body of the kettle is made of high borosilicate glass, and its outstanding heat resistance determines its main use for high-grade tableware. And the perspective effect is very good, you can clearly see the situation when the coffee in the pot is extracted.

  • This Coffee Maker Could Turn You Into a 'Coffee Snob'

    Coffee lovers everywhere are discovering the amazing taste difference that comes from a slow-brewed pour over cup of coffee. It's the unique cone shape and the micro perforated stainless steel mesh that allows for a full range of flavors to develop completely.

    Material: glass

    Style: indoor dedicated

    Capacity: 700 ml

    Coffee machine principle: drip type

    Coffee Pot with Glass Hand Drip Coffee Maker700ML - B07J249C61

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