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  • Timeless traditional look of the classic British Teapot with an expertly designed spout to prevent drips

  • When pouring a ceramic grill prevents teabags lodging in spout while the lid remains in place

  • Range also available in 2 Cup, 6 Cup and 10 Cup plus Farmhouse Filter and numerous colour options

  • Individually colour boxed helps make ideal gift

  • Including Spout and Handle measures 22cm long x 13cm dia x 15cm high, 2 pint capacity

  • Product description

    In an instantly recognisable traditional design, this dotty 4-cup teapot from London Pottery has been given one or two touches that make it even more appealing. The spout has been specially shaped to prevent drips when pouring, and inside the pot there is a ceramic filter to prevent any loose tea leaves reaching your cup or teabags getting stuck in the spout. Stoneware.

    1 litre.

    Manufacturer's Description

    The London Pottery Ranges of Teapots and Accessories combines timeless elegance with modern design and production techniques. There are 2 ranges of Teapots, the Globe and Farmhouse Filter.
    The Globe Teapot Range is manufactured from high quality ceramic and offers a wide variety of both size and colour. Designed to both look elegant and traditional the spouts have been developed over years to prevent dripping. Unlike less expensive options there is a ceramic grid at the base of the spout to prevent tea bags lodging in the spout thereby ensuring a smooth flow of tea when pouring. In addition the lid design ensures that the lid will not fall off when pouring.

    Size wise the Globe is available in 4 sizes, 2 Cup, 4 Cup, 6 Cup and 10 Cup where a Cup equals a good sized 1/2 pint mug. Beware some Teapots still quote a Cup as being equal to an old fashioned Tea Cup so can be as small as half the equivaent size.

    Colour wise all sizes are available in a good selection of bright colours including Red and the timeless Rockingham Brown. In addition more options are available in 2, 4 and 6 Cup sizes with some Spotted options in 4 Cup. All Globe Teapots are individually colour gift boxed.
    The Farmhouse Filter Teapot Range is similarly manufcatured with the addition of a Stainless Steel Filter to house loose Tea Leaves. Available in 3 sizes, 2 Cup, 4 Cup and 6 Cup where again a Cup equals a good sized 1/2 pint mug.

    Colour wise all 3 sizes are available in a variety of bright colours including Red and the timeless Rockingham Brown. All Farmhouse Filter Teapots are individually colour gift boxed.

    To clean simply rinse with warm water although if a more thorough wash is required then you can either wash in warm soapy water or run through the dishwahser. The Teapots (not Filter) are also Microwave Safe.

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    London Pottery 4 Cup Globe Teapot Multicoloured Spots - B0012N0SEM

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