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  • Waiters Friend Bottle Opener with Corkscrew from Rink Drink

  • Complete with foil remover

  • Dimensions: Depth: 12mm Length: 125mm Width: 24mm

  • Two-Step System improves leverage when removing longer corks

  • Folds to fit comfortably in your pocket

  • The Rink Drink range of Waiters Friend Corkscrew Bottle Openers provides you with the ultimate one-stop bartending tool, allowing you to cater for your guests' alcoholic needs in simple, speedy fashion.

    The durable metal construction has enough weight in the hand to make clear its quality, while still remaining light enough to comfortably carry in your pocket all night long.

    An immensely practical tool, this Waiters Friend includes a Two Step System, allowing you to gain maximum leverage when removing longer corks. The hook at the top end is perfect for popping off bottle caps, and as an additional piece de resistance, this corkscrew also includes a foil remover - no more fumbling for tiny tabs while your guests are waiting!

    With a variety of colours to choose from, the Waiters Friend Corkscrew Bottle Openers from Rink Drink are a true must-have piece of kit for any bartender, whether at home or in a professional bar or restaurant. Shop the range today.

    Rink Drink Waiters Friend Corkscrew Bottle Opener - Red - B07D7X3WLF

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