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  • Cappuccino

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  • A good deal of hot foam, dusted with a sprinkle of darkness above and with heavy sweetness below - that's how cappuccino seduces us with its allure. It likes to adorn itself with a multitude of aromas, be it sweet and caramelised, be it tangy and bitter; now and then a dash of alcohol turns up the heat. How lovely that cappuccino has made it across the Alps, gifting us a piece of southern style in our northern climes where the weather alone frequently lets us down. With lovely new decors, the Amore Mio family has arrived - welcoming us with the sun in its heart and a charming smile. Amore Mio ... the other relatives of the My Darling and My little Darling family will give you a cordial welcome too. Now the large coffee family is united again: for it's not just in sunny Italy that family matters.

    Ritzenhoff Amore Mio Cappuccino Cup Saucer Design by Pozzi/Rabbiosi 2011 - B004W4VWPC

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